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For Round 01 only you will have to do a simple promotion in order to earn a skip. We want to get as many people involved as possible, while this community is still brand new anything we can do to promote is wonderful.


placebo_lims is a LIMS community for Placebo

What is a LIMS?

[X] LIMS stands for Last Icon Maker Standing, each week you will be givin a challenge, the members will vote for their least favorite icon untill there are 3 left. At this point the members will vote for their favorite icon and we will then have our round winner.

[X] Challenge 1 will be open to everyone, at this point you will sign up before you enter and this will ensure your spot in the round untill you are either eliminated or the last icon maker standing.

[X] If you do not sign up for the current round you will have to wait for the next round to enter.

How each Round and Challenge works.

01. At the beginning of each Round you will have a choice to enter either one or two icons. This will determine how many icons you will submit untill the end of the round or you are eliminated.
~ If you enter one icon you may only enter one.
~ If you enter two icons you may enter two until one gets eliminated, from then on you may only enter one.

02. When the challenge is posted there will be a list of the remaining contestants, if your name is not on that list you will have to wait until the next round to enter.

03. If you are unable to enter in the challenge you may use a skip.
~ You are allowed one skip per round.
~ To use a skip you must comment on the challenge post you wish to skip.
~ You may not use a skip on the first challenge, the second to last challenge, nor the last challenge.
~ If you are fail to enter in a challenge we will automatically use your skip, if you have used your skip you will be eliminated from the competition.

04. Each challenge will be posted on sunday night and you will have untill the following friday to get your icons in. Saturday and sunday are your voting days.
~ Each week we will be voting for your least favorite icons, as more are eliminated the number of icons we are eliminating will decrease until we are down to approximately 5 or 6 icons in which case we will eliminate just 1 icon.
~ When we are down to 3 entries you will vote for your favorite icon which will be our rounds winner.

05. General icon making rules:
~ Brushes, Textures and Text are allowed but not required.
~ You must only use the picture provided.
~ Animation is permitted, but remember, you may only use the provided pictures.
~ All icons must fit livejournal requirements (100x100 or less, less than 40k)

06. Icon rules:
~ No previously made icons may be submitted.
~ Icons may not be posted anywhere until after voting.
~ Do not let anybody know which icon is yours.
~ Be fair and do not vote for yourself, the mods will be monitoring this and if you are found voting for yourself you will be first asked to change your vote. Failure to do so will result in elimination.

07. At some point in the LIMS competition, we will offer a redemption challenge. This will allow the eliminated iconmakers one chance to come back into the competition. This challenge will not be open to iconmakers currently in the competition, only iconmakers who have been eliminated.

08. Random Challenges can occur at anytime and anyone can join in, not only the people who are involved in the lims competition. A random challenge is a challenge that is not included in the lims competition. If you want suggest a random challenge, let me know here and we will see what we can do.

09. Mini-Rounds may on occasion take place in between our regular LIMS rounds, rules and format are typically a bit different but we are good about keeping everyone informed.

I'm always looking for feedback on how things are running.
~ If you have a suggestion regarding anything at all leave me a comment here.
~ If you have a good Placebo site containing Placebo images or would like to suggest a image leave me a comment here.


Challenge 01 - eliminate 04 - 15 left
Challenge 02 eliminate 02 - 10 left
Challenge 03 - [ENTER HERE]
Challenge 04
Challenge 05
Challenge 06
Challenge 07
Challenge 08
Challenge 09
Challenge 10

Total Contestents Remaining Contestents
___notfadeaway (02) ___notfadeaway (01)
acidic_flower (01) acidic_flower (01)
all_feeling* (02) all_feeling* (02)
butterflysxy* (02) butterflysxy* (02)
ensue (01) ladybug1219 (02)
ladybug1219 (02) raisingrrrl (01)
may_g (02) yuppieflu* (01)
mrs_spork (02) Potential Icon Count: 10
raisingrrrl (01)
velvetgunpowder* (02)
yuppieflu* (02)
Original Icon Count: 19

* indicates how many skips you have

If you would like to affiliate with us leave a comment here

I also co-mod over at tori_stillness lims_tori themed_lims

tori_stillness lims_tori tori_stillness


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