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As evident, I am having a difficult time maintaining all my communities at once, so I am now coming to you guys to ask for help.

I am now looking for a Co-Mod, before commenting i am looking for someone who can help me out in the following ways:

~help come up with ideas for round themes/challenge themes.
~help me post challenges, voting, and results.
~and most importantly, help me find excellent pictures for you guys to work with!

As a co-mod your first task will be to come up with and post Icontest #02, the next LIMS round will start up again at the beginning of January.

If you are interested please fill out and comment the textbox:

I really hope a few of you vote, this community would really benefit from some new ideas

Additionally, if you have any suggestions whatsoever on how this community can run a bit better please let me know here! The only way for this community to be the best it can be is for me to get all of your input! :-)
Katalina - brown polka dot

Icontest #01 - Voting Part 02

I'm so sorry the voting has been up for so long! This has been such a hectic week, so much going on with school, tonight was the first night I had to take my 'livejournal time'.

With so many amazingly gorgeous entries for Icontest 01, we are going to have to have a second round of voting, you guys have done an amazing job and I am very grateful for all your entries and making this community a success! :-D

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